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Here at The Zone we design custom fitness logos for gyms. This cartoon logo is unique, catchy, and clever. The website that we designed this logo for is a college fitness website.


The idea was to show that you can graduate and stay fit during your college stay. Therefore, we came up with a brain to symbolize the intelligence, and the muscular arms to show how "fit" this brain is. The graduation hat topped off this fitness logo, no pun intended.


Colors like these sharp blues and reds are a great way to show power and strength through a cartoon logo design. If you are unsure of which colors to choose for your cartoon logos, then leave it up to The Zone.


The typeface on this logo is basic Tahoma. In this project, that font worked best. This will not always be the case. You won't have to worry about this because I have thousands of fonts to choose for your cartoon logo.


Feel free to contact The Zone if you are interested in our custom logo services.


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"Cheap, Fast and great..what else could we ask for?" - John




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