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Cartoon Shark Logo


This cartoon shark logo is a great example of what we produce here at We created him for a restaurant that already had the established name of "Sharky's". Since they already had a name, it was The Zone's job to take that name and create a unique cartoon logo design.


This shark cartoon's facial expression and posture give off a confident, welcoming vibe. This vibe subconsciously tells the audience that the restaurant is very welcoming and fun. It's amazing what the mind can do!


It is not always the case that the company already has an established name. Some clients need us to come up with a name for their company, website, or organization. In other words, if you are having trouble coming up with a name for your business, allow The Zone to create a unique business name for you.


Shark cartoon images make great cartoon logos. If you are interested in a cartoon shark similar to this one, contact The Zone and we will take care of you.


Client Testimonial


"Exactly what we wanted! The Zone got it done in time for our opening when other companies turned us down." - Jared


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Pictures of cartoon sharks

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